Email marketing presents Travel and Tourism industry with back to the future vibes

Email marketing presents Travel and Tourism industry with back to the future vibes

With Covid-19 wreaking havoc throughout the business world, each domain found its own way to adapt to the new normal and further their business. Retail industries found a way to steady their ship by opting in for the digital channels. However, there is an industry that faced strong and sharp blows by the pandemic. The industry of Travel and Tourism witnessed a substantial downfall, which experts predict could even last for a year if the circumstances don't improve.

The travel and Tourism sector holds a substantial weightage on the global market and its trends; studies show this industry alone contributes to over 10% of the global GDP. With this sector low and hanging, it is obvious the economy will witness the currents. For any industry to be thriving, it is essential for them to keep connect with their customers. With the lockdown and overall travel restrictions in place, it is vital for companies to keep communication open with their consumers.

Prior to the lockdown Travel and Tourism industry had the luxury of communicating with all of their clients in a more physical and direct manner. Today, the direct contact method is out of the questioning, and all their customers are shopping online and reading online communication guides. Therefore, it became rather essential for the industry stakeholders to showcase their presence, connect, contact, and communicate with the clients or potential customers.

Can Social Media help?

One of the easiest methods to connect with the audience is Social Media. Social Media has witnessed an incredible spike in their average time spent stats amid Covid-19 restrictions. Social media can help connect and communicate to an extent. However, there is no trigger to realize if you are overdoing it, and if you overcommit to a client, it could result in more bad than good.

Can a news feature help the industry?

Covid-19 has ensured that people watch the news every day. Covid-19 is not just a local issue but a global one as well. People tune-in every day to get a hold of every small development around Covid-19, be it local, be it global. Due to the developments, not just the features but even the ad slots on the news have witnessed a sore in rate.

With the number of eyeballs glued to the television sets, it is evident any ad placement or feature in the news can and will contribute to your brand's betterment. It also sends out a strong message to your audiences that despite the Covid-19 setbacks, your organization is ready to be up and running from the get-go.

Will traditional marketing still make a mark?

Traditional marketing will never go out of style; regardless of the time period we deal with, traditional marketing will always have something that would majorly contribute to branding. However, a few of the standard marketing tools may fall pale as the majority of people are forced to stay home, thus rendering Billboards and flyers ineffective. However, radio still retains its importance as it holds its position of being easily accessible and crowd favorites.

Will Email Marketing contribute efficiently and effectively?   

Email Marketing is hands down the best tool available to connect; it is a potent mixture of information, feedback, and commitment. Email marketing is the most cost-efficient method with a pleasingly proven ROI regarding any marketing strategy. Even though Social Media helps connect, it does not provide an opportunity to personalize and communicate.

Email Marketing helps deliver an experience with smart customization, which monitors responses and tracks feedback.

Why should you focus on Email Marketing today?

Contrary to popular belief, Email Marketing is still fresh and very much relevant today. Reports show that nearly 65% of companies prefer processing official documents through Email as opposed to any other medium of communication. An email has the status of being the torchbearer of official communication between organizations and individuals.

·         Email marketing is also very light on pockets and ensures that the businesses reach out to their consumers at almost no cost.

Email Marketing focuses on prioritizing customers. It's a lot more than just creating an asset. It involves a process of crafting an email to perfectly suit the customer and roping him in for a journey to click all elements.

·         Email Marketing holds power and significance in today's market as well because it is heavily action-oriented compared to social media.

Email Marketing can be a boon if you are trying to propagate a detailed travel plan alongside itineraries. One of the things travels enthusiasts love the most is event-based and elaborate plan trip. More so, when you try to pitch your journey, you can also include factors such as unique Covid protection assurance and Covid-19 safety insurance.

You can forecast the information to convey in an infographic manner to help the audience comprehend how your organization can provide safe travel by targeting the locations with least infections and highest precaution rate. 

Email Marketing also helps you design and deliver a personalized message to each consumer to showcase your customer-centric approach and empathizing nature.

The best catch when it comes to Email Marketing is its ability to host private conversations instead of Social Media; this private conversational mode ensures the details of your clients stay secure with you, and no competitor can stalk and prey on your information.


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