Video Marketing a modern-day shortcut to the client's heart

Video Marketing a modern-day shortcut to the client's heart

With the internet reaching all the nooks and corners of the world, it is developed into a mega-mart for companies to find suitable customers. Although, due to the ascent of technology, it has become equally challenging to convince people to buy a product. However, there is no shame in admitting we prioritize pictures over text and videos over images as they require lesser effort and have the quality to be catchy and appealing.


Every business on the block has used or uses video marketing to promote their product or service because it generates high engagement and is very useful in delivering the idea. Video marketing witnessed a rise to glory as smartphones started getting cheaper, and the internet became readily available.

Once the common man started searching for products and services online, a unique and magical world unfurled itself. This new world single-handedly revamped the face of digital marketing. Today if you need anything, you just go online and search for it; Search engine would bombard you with tote full of resources, products, and reviews. To stand out in the jungle of information, various industries tried to convey the message in the easiest way possible, resulting in the emergence of video marketing.

With the social acceptance digital marketing received from every agency in the world, the competition was at its peak. However, digital marketing is an endless treasure that keeps giving once you complete the quest. Organizations that were able to capitalize on the digital marketing wave gained significantly; Google secured substantial revenue from optimized digital marketing strategies.

 Video marketing played a vital part in the successful journey of digital marketing. Few of the factors that helped Video marketing gain real momentum were: -

1.       Social media has become an integrated part of everyone’s life; people use social media to connect with friends, families, and celebrities. While browsing through social media, people come across various videos and pictures. Video fitting above parameters automatically receives positive feedback.

2.       The ease of accessibility ensures organic traffic and a high watch rate.

3.       People adore association with the brands endorsed by celebrities.

4.       Therefore, brands depend on creators and influencers to promote their products. Videos primarily cater to this attitude of the viewers.

5.       Texts can establish a tone, while images assist with robust graphical representation. However, videos are way more effective and dominant as compared to the other forms of advertisements as they are both interactive and responsive due to its audio and visual representation.

How essential are videos for businesses today?

·         Videos are essentially the ‘how to’ manuals of today’s world. Videos help the customers to get a detailed executional idea of a product or a service.

·         Videos are highly informative and can help businesses make better decisions.

·       Videos can provide direct insights into the subject matter and business models.

·       Harvesting the power of SEO, videos can bring in heavy organic traffic.

·       Videos can directly help with keyword ranking.

·       An entertaining video can directly connect with the audience and interact to extract the desired response.

·       The viewers highly prioritize videos as anyone can consume them on the run.


Currently, videos are the most advanced medium of connecting and communication; the landscape won't change in the foreseeable future. The modern world believes in creating a personal bond between customers and brands; videos are the best way to make it possible.

Video Marketing has managed to establish itself as a powerful entity in a short span; today, if you look around on any social media channel, you would find heavy traces of video marketing. Many creators have happily embraced it, as it is an accessible medium to monetize and platforms like YouTube believe in happy coexistence.

Video Marketing is a well-programmed tool which is an evident win-win for both the customers and businesses alike.