2021 to introduce high optimism in the edutech industry

2021 to introduce high optimism in the edutech industry

Education and technology have found the perfect balance for development and peaceful coexistence. This year saw an investment of over 19 billion in the edutech industry; these numbers bring in a feel-good factor to the market as they reflect a steady and continuous growth for two consecutive years.

Covid-19 proved to be a boon for the edutech industry as the pandemic forced the acceleration of digital transformation across the globe; this situation brought in substantial investment opportunities to the investors. Many senior position holders claim that investing in technology for the betterment of the next generation through education is vital, and thus there is a massive influx of cash in digital learning systems to confirm quality education.

According to the recently conducted studies, World Bank claims nearly 90% of the students globally, which account for almost 1.5 billion students, have been affected due to the current Covid crisis. All the schools and colleges worldwide were forced to operate remotely, citing the pandemic; this highlighted the need for modern infrastructure considering the ground realities.

Industry veterans believe this situation could be a win-win for both the students as well as the stakeholders. Development in technology has ensured exponential growth by implementing educational games and activities to promote the rich culture of corporate and social teamwork.

Pushing good quality content is easy when connecting and communicating through digital mediums; personalized content is beneficial for young learners as they focus on a particular growth area. The Internet is filled with information; hundreds and thousands of gigabytes of informative data available on digital portals and content aggregators with digital CMS ensure remarkable returns to smart investors.

Organizations and individuals across the globe are increasingly showcasing a positive approach towards education via digital platforms. Financial data suggests total investment in the edutech industry for the last two years matches the overall investment made in the 25 years prior to that.

Considering the recent development and people's approach towards the new normal, it can be safely assumed that e-learning is here to stay. E-leaning has showcased the potential of growth and development it brings with itself. With all significant institutions turning global, consistent growth can safely be anticipated throughout the edutech domain.