Alibaba’s cloud business has outpaced Amazon cloud’s growth in 2020

Alibaba’s cloud business has outpaced Amazon cloud’s growth in 2020

Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant has presented Alibaba’s Cloud business with a winner’s medal, while Amazon Cloud and Microsoft Cloud secured a close 2nd and 3rd respectively in cloud database management systems.

The evaluation of this data took place over multiple factors ranging from market responsiveness, customer experience, market strategy to innovation. Gartner has predicted that approximately 75% of all database will either be hosted on a cloud platform or migrate to a cloud-based infrastructure by the end of this year.

Alibaba’s cloud database management system has witnessed consistent growth of over 100% year-after-year. 2020 saw an exponential rise in demand for cloud based services as all major organizations shifted their focus on operating remotely to tackle the effects of Covid-19 on their business.

Alibaba aims at turning the cloud business profitable by the turn of the first quarter of the year 2021. Alibaba’s financial records for the third quarter of 2020 suggests cloud computing brought in a revenue of $2.24 billion for the organization. This financial record set a milestone of fastest growth rate, by displacing its previous record by 60% increment.

Comparatively, Amazon cloud services and Microsoft Azure witnessed a rise of 29% and 48% in this quarter, respectively. According to the research published by Synergy Research Group, Alibaba currently ranks fourth in the list of largest public cloud computing providers.

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You can visit the digital address of Alibaba Cloud by clicking here. Jack Ma Established Alibaba Cloud in 2009, and it performed as a digital backbone of intelligence and technology for Alibaba Group. Gartner believes Alibaba cloud services are amongst the top 3 IaaS providers, and they are the largest public cloud service providers in China. Alibaba Cloud provides a flawless integration of multiple verticals, including business leaders on marketplaces and startups to organizations operating under the public service domain. Alibaba Cloud services are also proud partners of IOC (International Olympic Committee).