Sam Corporation emerges with an innovative approach to make learning fun

Sam Corporation emerges with an innovative approach to make learning fun

A South Korean Corporation recently launched a board game to provide plenty of interactive learning opportunities and captivating storytelling. This board game made its debut on Kickstarter (a crowdfunding website).

Sam Corporation is a tenant company whose roots are located in the Ministry of Science, Seoul. Sam Corporation actively operates in the creative media convergence domain; it is an EduTech startup that focuses on endorsing creativity and imagination. Along with the recently launched 'Story Creator,' Sam Corporation is home to 'Media Creator' and 'We Creator'; We Creator is a modern integrated platform service that operates online.

Story Creator is a board game launched on Kickstarter. It is a game that focuses on story creation; the game is developed to integrate a multitude of individual factors such as characters, story backdrop, and anticipatory events to further contextual thinking in kids. Story Creator not only helps with imagination and creativity, but it also helps fasten vocabulary.

Story Creator comes with a wide array of cards fulfilling traits ranging from the plot, character, item to emotion and action. Story Creator helps develop computerized ability while being entirely away from your system; it also indirectly contributes to evolving personality traits such as quick thinking and teamwork.

The Story Box contains various story creating elements that can be based around the 20 plot cards, 30 background cards, 20 character cards, 20 item cards, 10 action, and 10 emotion cards presented with the deck.

C-suite of Sam Corporation plans to ensure the widespread of Korean Education throughout the globe; this product's primary target market is the US market as it holds the highest monetary value in the educational sector across the globe. Sam Corporation has already established a branch in New York and acquired a robust distribution network to ensure expansion post its public release in April 2021.

Sam Corporations CEO Jae Park, during a launch conference, declared his vision of developing an AI integrated platform to analyze kid's aptitudes and learn their interests to help them make crucial decisions.