Achieve Total Workforce Management

Transformation In today’s market, talent is a true differentiator. Leading digital transformation and intelligent enterprise initiatives that put people first will be essential moving forward. People are the single most important factor that determines the extent of a company’s success — but traditional employee-employer relationships are changing.

Achieve Total Workforce Management

Intelligent Enterprise

In today s competitive market, organizations need to think about the talent experience for all il workers — including their external talent.


Between Employees and External Workers

For decades, organizations have focused on attracting and retaining top employees. While traditional employment and employee retention are still important, focusing on these areas alone is no longer sufficient. Globalization and new ways of working are rapidly changing how talent interacts with organizations, making it increas- ingly likely that the top talent you need might not be — and might not want to be — on your payroll.

External workers — including contingent workers, statement of work (SOW)-based consultants, freelancers, specialized talent pools, and more — now account for nearly 40% of the average orga- nization’s total workforce.t And that number is expected to increase. As a result, businesses can no longer afford to manage their employees and external workers in silos.


Integration between SAP* Fieldglass® solutions, SAP S/4HANA® Cloud, and SAP SuccessFactors® solutions bridges the gap between employees and external workers by bringing HR, finance, and services procurement together. You gain visibility into your total workforce while minimizing risk of noncompliance with corporate and legal poli- cies. This allows your organization to maximize engagement, collaboration, and productivity across all talent by applying select HR best prac- tices and talent management processes to the external workforce.


Enterprise-wide workforce visibility serves as the foundation for a total workforce management Strategy, allowing you to establish the right mix of talent for your business.


Standardize processes for employees and external workers and manage all talent and finances leveraging an integrated suite of solu- tions and intelligent technologies on a central digital platform (see Figure 1). For example, you can gain the ability to make proactive staffing recommendations, conduct gender bias scans, and take advantage of personalized learning recommendations using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

SAP provides a comprehensive, yet simple way to apply HR and talent management capabilities to employees as well as to the ever-increasing external workforce. This allows you to manage and optimize all aspects of your workforce to help your business achieve its performance goals and prosper. All of this helps foster your transformation into an intelligent enterprise.


The Intelligent Enterprise approach is about more than just automating business processes. It's a vision — how we at SAP see the future of business for our customers, the future of work for our customers’ employees, and the future of experience for our customers’ customers.


Enterprise-wide workforce visibility serves as the foundation for a total workforce management strategy by allowing HR, services procurement, finance, and the rest of the business to better manage all talent and utilize individual contributors.




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