How High-Performing Networks Solve Publisher Payments

AdTech remains one of the most critical enablers for internet commerce and digital media. But if you’re an ad or affiliate network and not profitable in this market, there might be immediate issues that are affecting scalability.

How High-Performing Networks Solve Publisher Payments

Top Network Obstacles Prime examples of issues that are affecting scalability are:

• Low Publisher Demand & Monetization

• High Operational Costs

• Fraud that is Affecting Results & Network Viability

• Cash Flow that is Handicapping the Ability to Execute

• Visibility that is not Timely or Clear At the heart of these challenges is your publisher payment strategy, which affects the entire network operation.

• Successful, high-performing networks are dealing with the above challenges and actively removing payments as an obstacle to future success.

Enhancing Global Publisher Relations AdTech has gone beyond basic impressions or “click” advertising. Today, just about every form of digital content is ripe for monetization. These varied opportunities complicate ad partner relationships as publishers look to diversify their content avenues to maximize their monetization potential.

Without reliable publishers, networks reduce their ability to deliver quality inventory to their advertisers. Negative publisher relationships can affect a network’s reputation and ability to continue attracting viable partners. The challenge is even greater with global publishers since they often get less attention.

Failing here, in the ever-competitive advertising world, leads to degradation in network quality, decreasing demand, and declining sales. The publisher relationship revolves around the network’s effectiveness at publisher payments. Publishers continually join new networks in hopes of increasing their revenue opportunities—they’re looking for stability and a reliable income. Publishers want to be paid accurately, on time, with transparent visibility, and in their preferred payment method.

Mitigating Risk & Fraud

Digital advertising can be a virtual haven for fraud. In a world where impressions and clicks measure how publishers are paid, it’s very enticing for unscrupulous entities to take advantage of the technology and cheat digital media networks.

Cheating publishers may utilize bots, click farms, or other mechanisms designed to increase their impression and click rates. To mask themselves from suspicion, these swindlers often sign up as multiple publishers with different names and email addresses. Since ad networks may employ thousands of publisher partners of varying levels across the globe and may onboard hundreds more at a time, it is an arduous, manual effort to validate each one.

Payment methods themselves also pose a risk as some are significantly more susceptible to fraud. Beyond employing risk detection at the point of payment, proper onboarding of payees can substantially reduce fraud

Accounts Payable Automation: The Key to Network Success

With payments automation in place, networks can centralize payment processes across different banks, payment methods, countries, and entities. Instantly reconciled and normalized payment reporting allows them to quickly discern how these payments breakdown by country, vendor, currency, and payment method. For networks, this information can help identify greater market opportunities, deepen relationships with high-performing publishers and affiliates, and identify ways to reduce additional friction. And for finance teams, it is simply a better path toward closing your books faster and with greater accuracy.


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